Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jack's Back

24 has finally returned, and in fine style, if you're really into torture, that is. I'm sure tonight's torture scenes were no worse than some of the previous seasons (that one with the power sander still tops the list as far as I'm concerned). I guess it's just been a while and I had forgotten. I definitely found it a bit disturbing, but of course, that's the point, it's supposed to be disturbing. It's supposed to make us question our beliefs and think about the price of our safety and our freedom. Which, yeah, it does pretty well, but mostly, it's an hour a week of heart-pounding non-stop action. I'm so glad it's back, even if I have to look away from the torture occasionally.

TVSquad dug up this handy and impressive web page that lists all the people that Jack has killed (and how he did it - complete with pics and video of every kill) in his efforts to keep America safe. 136 people in the first 5 seasons, that's slightly more than one person an hour. Of course, he added to the body count tonight, including the dude he took out vampire-style. Gross.

Tomorrow is the exciting "conclusion" to the premiere (anybody else think it's odd that the promos are calling hours 3 and 4 a conclusion?). I'm thinking about playing 24 Bingo.


Sarah said...

Heh. I watched my first-ever episode of 24 on Monday due entirely to the fact that someone told me Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine is on it.

IntrplnetSarah said...

Yeah, it took me a while to realize that that's who it was. Did you like it enough to keep watching?

Sarah said...

Yes, though I'm blatanty watching it just for Siddig. If he leaves or gets killed off, I'll probably stop. Unless I get sucked in by some other part of it (right now, it is the interaction between Jack and Assad that I am enjoying).

Also, am I supposed to find parts of it hysterically funny? The perpetual "what horrible thing can we do now to top the horrible thing we did last time?" melodramatic aspect of the show is very amusing to me.

IntrplnetSarah said...

The show has totally mastered the art of sucking people in. Once you start, it's very hard to stop.

I have to agree though that the relationship between Jack and Siddig is facinating stuff. I do hope he survives for a while.

And yes, I do think that they must realize how over-the-top they go. You didn't even see the first season where after his wife and daughter escaped from kidnappers (the first time) his wife got amnesia and his daughter was chased by a cougar. Or maybe it was season 2 with the cougar chase. I've lost track of how many times she got kidnapped.