Friday, January 26, 2007

Important Safety Announcement

I realize that safety is very important to NASA, it's important to me too, but sometimes I think the safety folks at JSC must have too much free time on their hands.

This is the important safety message we were greeted with this morning:


All of us at JSC have seen the Space Center Houston tram taking visitors on a tour of this center. A safety issue has come up when the tram is parked and awaiting the return of the visitors from their visit into one of our buildings. Some JSC personnel, when faced with the long tram in their path, have decided to step over the trailer hitches that hold the tram together instead of walking around. This unsafe act could lead to injuries. We recommend you take the extra moment to safely walk around the tram after ensuring that it is not about to begin moving. Safety at JSC is everyone's business.

Point of contact: Dave Youngman, x41336


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