Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LCROSS impact might upset the aliens

According to this guy, the LCROSS mission which launched last week (That's it in the picture. I was there! It was awesome!) and will impact into the Lunar South Pole on October 9th of this year (mark your calendars), breaks international law, and may rile up the Moon's alien colonists.

I've got to tell you, the thing that bothers me most about this article is not the ridiculousness of the whole alien thing, it's that he talks about this supposed alien base being on the "dark" side of the Moon. People, the Moon doesn't have a "dark" side! It has a near side and a far side (or "backside" but I've been told that because "backside" had other connotations I should avoid using it). The far side has a two-week long night, followed by a two-week long day, just like the side we get to see.

Also, and I realize this is a minor point in the scope of his overall arguments, but the US never signed the Moon Treaty, and therefore, even if LCROSS did violate it (which it doesn't), it still wouldn't matter.


barbylon said...

You can use the term "backside," as long as you slap your butt every time you say it.

hammster said...

The Aliens apparently have already tampered with both the LCROSS and Chandrayaan-1 lunar missions in the past week.

If the Aliens had a sense of humor, they would reprogram LCROSS to bomb Bernie Madoff's beach house while photographing Earth's landscape in search of intelligent life.