Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Live from LPSC, part 1 - the shoes

So, the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference is in full swing here. The science is pretty good overall. Lots of really cool new pictures from Mars. I also learned today that the Earth's water may not have come from meteorites and comets, but actually may have condensed onto dust grains in the very earliest days of solar system formation. Neat huh?

I love the planetary science community, but I have to say, fashion is not our forte. Today I started to notice the footwear of some of my compatriots, and it wasn't pretty. Some things I saw:

A guy (who gave a talk today) wearing nice khakis and a polo shirt (not quite a suit and tie, but not unreasonable), and on his feet - teva sandals and socks, navy socks with gold toes.

A guy in jeans and a polo with burgundy (not red, not purple, burgundy) Chuck Taylors with a kind of lacy or tapestry-ish pattern. That combination definitely takes guts, but it just wasn't quite working.

Several other guys in Birkenstocks and socks.

Many people were sporting what were clearly their "dress sneakers" or their "good hiking boots" - this is a common fashion trend in the geology world, and actually it can work just fine with jeans if you want to go casual, but tennis shoes and ties are not a great combination (not even with bolo ties made from your favorite meteorite).

I am noticing a lot more black tennis shoes with black dress pants, which, while still sad, is certainly an improvement over white tennis shoes with black pants.

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Flygal said...

That's hilarious... exciting to see the innerworkings of LPSC... hope you're feeling better!