Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas to All and Welcome to My Blog

Well, here we are on the Friday before Christmas and in an effort to avoid doing any actual work today (my brain left for vacation yesterday), I decided to start a blog. Frankly, everybody else seems to have one and I was starting to feel left out. Plus Time just voted me person of the year because of my ability to change the world through my use of the Interweb and I'm just not sure that the half dozen articles I've written on Wikipedia is contributing enough (though my space weathering article did recently get nominated for "good article" status). So I've decided to further clog up the series of tubes with my ramblings.

I hope to cover a wide range of topics here, from serious topics (like space policy and television) to the frivolous (like Bush's space policy and reality television). There will be a little something for everyone (if you're really into pop culture and science policy, that is, if you're more into civil war reenactments and model trains, this may not be the blog for you).

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Flygal said...

Hi InterplanetSarah! I'm so excited to read your blogs, it's a great work distraction, I mean, extracurricular activity...

Also, thanks for linking to my blog, I'll link to yours too!

Merry Christmas,